Do Good…..Trust God…..Don’t Worry


We are witness to the Last Days. Satan and his workers of iniquity, knowing that their time is short, have accelerated their evil efforts.

Dark times loom.

All around the world, wickedness prevails and seems to prosper. Evildoers no longer lurk in the shadows. The wicked have drawn out their sword and have bent their bow to wreck havoc and mayhem.

When we face overwhelming problems and adversity we are to Trust In God and commit our way unto the Lord. We are to cling to His Word and to wait patiently for his help and deliverance.

Do Good…..Trust God…..Don’t Worry

This message is repeated over and over in scripture.

An excerpt from my favorite Psalm of David….

Psalm 37

1 FRET NOT thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. 2For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. 3Trust in the Lord, and do good, so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed 5Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. 7Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him; fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. 9For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.

Trust in God’s Word…. Have Faith….That what He says shall come to pass.

Believe in your heart, without doubt, that God’s Word is true…Doubting stands as an enemy to Faith.

Take a step in Faith and Believe that God’s Word is true and meaningul to you in your life.

God Bless You.

Waller’s Meeting House
Williamsburg, Virginia


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Waller Family Genealogy


after Sir Peter Lely, line engraving, late 17th to early 18th century

after Sir Peter Lely, line engraving, late 17th to early 18th century


Updated 2 SEPTEMBER 2015

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Created by Jerry and Sue Appleton/

Jerry passed away February 2, 2012. This work continues on his family in his memory.

The Waller Family of South Carolina originated from Virginia. They are an old Virginia family with ties to many other Virginia families.

Edmund Waller was born 1718 in Spotsylvania, Virginia and deid in October 1771 there. He married Mary PENDLETON, daughter of John Pendleton and Mary TINSLEY on 18 Sept 1740 in King William County, Virginia. Mary was born in 1720 in Spotsylvania County, VA and died there in 1808. Edmund Waller was the son of Colonel John Waller (II) who was born 23 Feb 1673 in Newport Pagnall, Bucks County, England and died 1 Nov 1854 in Spotsylvania County, VA and Dorothy KING born 1675 in King and Queen County, VA and died 26 Oct 1758 in Spotsylvania County, VA

Notes: John Waller settled in what is now Spottsylvania County. The old records tell of Colonel John Waller, who, in 1702, was Sheriff of King and Queen County, Justice of King William County in 1705, and a member of the House of Burgesses in 1719. The act creating Spotsylvania County was passed in 1720, and in 1722 Colonel John Waller became the first Clerk of the County. He was succeeded in that office by his son, Edmund, who was the second Clerk, and who was succeeded by his younger brother, John, who was the third Clerk. The youngest child of Colonel John Waller was Benjamin Waller, who settled in Williamsburg, and became a celebrated Judge.Edmund Waller (1718-1771) and Mary Pendleton (1720-1808) had 7 children of which the eldest was the Rev. John Waller who moved the family to South Carolina. The children of Edmund and Mary Waller were:

1. Rev. John Waller (23 Dec 1741-4 July 1802) More on this family below.

2. William Edmund Waller born 1747 and died 1830. He married Mildred Smith, daughter of Stephen Smith and Phoebe Hawkins.

3. Benjamin Waller was born 1749 and died 31 July 1835. He first married Jane CURTIS, daughter of Rice Curtis and ann Aylett. Jane was born 1745 and died 31 July 1826. Benjamin later married Rachel (maiden name unknown).

4. Mary Waller was born 1753 and married David Meriwether.

5. Leonard James Mourning Waller was born 1754 in Spotsylvnia County, Va. He died 1826 in Abbeville District, South Carolina. He moved his family to South Carolina with his brother, Rev. John Waller. Leonard first married Agnes Chiles, daughter of John Chiles and Mary Ann White. Leonard later married Frances Robinson.

a. William Waller (child of Leonard and Agnes) was born about 1780. He married Susan WHITE, daughter of William and Susannah White. They had 3 children: Caroline Waller, Mary Ann Waller and William Waller, Jr. William (Sr) later marrried Maria Chiles, daughter of Reuben Chiles and Frances Connor.

b. Nancy Waller (child of Leonard and Agnes) was born about 1785. She married George WHITE, son of William and Susannah White. George was born 1785 in SC and died in Abbeville County, SC in 1814. They had six children: William White (abt 1801), Agnes Waller White (1803-1883), John White (abt 1807-1882), Mary Ann White (abt 1808), Leonard J. White (abt 1810) and Richard Moore White (abt 1813).

Nancy later married James COLEMAN and had two children with him; Milton W. Coleman (1818-1885) and Thomas Lipscomb Coleman (1820).

c. Parmelia Waller (child of Leonard and Frances) married James Foster.

d. Mary Waller (child of Leonard and Frances) who died before 1826 married Jared E. Groce.

c. Annis (Annie?) E. Waller (child of Leonard and Frances) married Jared E. Groce.

d. Elizabeth Waller (child of Leonard and Frances) born 1773 married Thomas Lipscomb in 1806. He was born 1784 and died 1823. They had 5 children: Taphenas Lipscomb (7 Dec 1809-27 June 1880), Elizabeth Agnes Lipscomb (1818-1847), Thomas coleman Lipscomb (1820), Mary Lipscomb (abt 1833) and Leonard Waller Lipscomb who married Emma Brooks.

Elizabeth married a second time to Hiram W. GAINES (1791-1829) and they had one child: William W. Gaines.

e. Statira Waller was born 1808 in South Carolina and died in 1844. She married Leroy WATSON, son of James Watson and Mary Magdalene Waller. Mary Magdalene Waller was a daughter of Rev. John Waller (see below). Statira was Leroy Watson’s second wife and his first cousin, 1 time removed. Together they had 8 children: James Leonard Watson (1828-1847), Frances Mary Watson (1830-1892), Dr. John Waller Watson (1833-1869), Leroy Waton (1836-1865), Dr. William Henry Watson (1838-1883), Alfred Hayne Watson (1840), Charles Edward Watson (1842-1909) and Joseph Benjamin Watson (1844).

6. Dorothy Jemima Waller was born 26 Oct 1756 in Spotsylvania County, VA and died 12 Jan 1836 in Kenton County, Kentucky. She married Benjamin STEPHENS on 16 April 1775 in Spotsylvania County, VA. Benjamin was born 15 April 1754 in Orange County, VA and died 14 Sept 1839 in Kenton County, Kentucky. There is much written about this Kentucky family.

7. Nancy Ann Waller was born 1760 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.


The Reverend John Waller was born 23 Dec 1741 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and died 4 July 1802 in Abbeville County, South Carolina. He was the son of Edmund Waller (1718-1771) and Mary Pendleton (1720-1808). Rev. Waller married Elizabeth Ann CURTIS, daughter of Rice Curtis Jr and Susannah Brock. Elizabeth was born 1742 in Spotsylvania County, VA and died 1803 in Abbeville County, SC. They moved their family from Spotsylvania County, Virginia to Abbeville County area of South Carolina in 1793. Various sources provide the following information:

From “Greenwood County Sketches” The Rev. John Waller, 1741-1802, famous Baptist preacher, removed from Spotsylvania County,Va., to this section in 1793 accompanied by a large contingent of relatives and connections, including his brother, James Leonard Waller. Like many Virginians, both earlier and in the same decade, they were drawn by fresh land at low cost. Likely influencing the Rev. John Waller’s decision was the fact that his oldest daughter Ann was married to the Rev. Abraham (or Abram) Marshall, another pioneer Baptist leader, and they were then living in Edgefield County.

Known in his young manhood and before his conversion as “Swearing Jack,” the Rev. John Waller is regarded today as an historic figure in the fight for religious freedom in this country. He refused to abide by the Virginia statute which forbade preaching in the colony by anyone except ministers of the Established Church- the Church of England. He spent 187 days in Virginia jails at various times after preaching the gospel as he believed it. He was scourged while in prison, and , on one occasion, struck across the back of his right hand with a sword wielded by a guard. Details of Waller’s career may be found in Semple’s “History of Virginia Baptists” and E. Payton Little’s “Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty in Virginia.”

Rev. John Waller
Frontier Baptist Preacher
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Rev. John Waller was born in Spotsylvania Co., Va., on the 23d of December, 1741, and was a descendant of the honorable family of Wallers, in England. His profanity acquired for him the name of “swearing Jack Waller,”and his general wickedness that of “the devil’s adjutant.” He was especially bitter against the Baptists, and was one of the grand jury that persecuted Rev. Lewis Craig for preaching. Mr. Craig’s meek address to the jury arrested his attention and touched his heart. For seven or eight months his agony and remorse were intense. At length, having found peace in believing in Jesus, immediately he conferred not with flesh and blood, but began to preach the faith which he had destroyed, serving the Lord with greater zeal, if that was possible, than he had served Satan. Traveling through many counties, he everywhere attracted crowds of hearers and made many converts.

He was soon made to feel the resentment of his former companions in sin. In a letter dated “Urbanna Prison, Middlesex County, Aug. 12, 1771,” he gives an account of the arrest and imprisonment of himself and many others, and the cruel scourging of several by “the magistrate and the parson of the parish.” “I have also to inform you that six of our brethren are confined in Caroline jail, viz.: Brethren Lewis Craig, John Burrus, John Young, Edward Herndon, James Goodrick, and Bartholomew Cheming.” Those days did indeed try men’s souls.

In 1775 or 1776 he adopted the Arminian doctrine, declared himself an independent Baptist, and withdrew from his brethren. But in 1787 he returned to his first love. The same year a very great revival began under his preaching, and continued for several years, spreading far and wide.

In 1793 he removed to Abbeville, S.C. Here his success, though considerable, was not equal to that in his native State. His last sermon, at the funeral of a young man, was from Zechariah ii:4: “Run, speak to that young man.” He addressed the young in feeble, touching strains, saying that it was his last sermon. He spoke until his strength quite failed, and then tottered to a bed, from which he was carried home, and died July 4, 1802, in his sixty-second year.

He preached thirty-five years, baptized more than 2000 persons, assisted in ordaining twenty-seven ministers, and in constituting eighteen churches, and lay one hundred and thirteen days in four different jails, and he was repeatedly scourged in Virginia. He now rests from his labors, and his works followed him.

Although not in good health after locating here, Waller founded two Baptist churches – Bethabara, constituted in 1794 in Laurens County, just across Saluda River and Siloam, constituted in 1799, a few miles above Cambridge.”

John and Elizabeth Waller had 9 children.

I. Nancy Ann Waller was born about 1765 in Spotsylvania county VA and died 14 Nov 1815 in Columbia County, GA. She married Rev. Abraham MARSHALL, son of Rev. Daniel Marshall and his first wife, Martha Stearns. Abraham was born 23 April 1748 in Windsor, Tolland County, CT and died 15 April 1819 in Columbia County, GA. They are buried in the Marshall Family Cemetery in Appling, Columbia County, GA. They had 3 sons:

A. Abraham Waller Marshall was born about 1792 in Columbia County, GA and died there 15 Oct 1800. He is buried at Marshall Cemetery, Appling, Georgia

B. Rev. Jubal Orion Marshall was born 1800 in Columbia County, GA and died between 1845-1850 in Dallas County, Alabama. In the 1820 and 1830 census he was living in Columbia County, GA. In the 1840 census he was living with his family in Talbot County, GA. By the 1850 census his widow was living in Dallas County, AL.

Jubal married Martha Eliza Jones about 1828 in Columbia County, GA. Eliza was born 22 Nov 1803 in Virginia and died 1884 in Dallas County, AL. Jubal and Eliza are buried in Marion Cemetery, Perry County, AL. They had 8 children:

1. daughter born 1828-1830 in Columbia County, GA. Nothing further known at this time.

2. Massilon O. Marshall was born 2 May 1829 in Columbia County, GA and died 19 June 1881 in Dallas County, AL. He is buried in Marion Cemetery, Perry County, AL. He married Sarah P. (maiden name unknown) who was born about 1840 in Alabama. No children seemingly were born to this marriage and his wife died young.

3. Thomas A.J. Marshall was born 26 Sept 1832 in Georgia and died 6 May 1862. He is buried in Marion Cemetery, Perry County, AL. He married R. White who was born about 1840 in Alabama. They may have had a son, Robert Marshall born about 1861 in Dallas County, AL.

4. Mary Ann Marshall was born about 1832 in Georgia.

5. J. Abram Marshall was born about 1835 in Georgia.

6. Missouri A. Marshall was born 5 July 1838 in Georgia and died 12 April 1872 in Dallas County, Alabama. She did not marry. She is buried in Marion Cemetery in Perry County, AL.

7. William O. Marshall was born about 1841 in Talbot County, Georgia.

8. Martha Eliza Marshall was born 1846 in Talbot County, GA. She married Nicola Marschall on 9 Aug 1865. They moved to Kentucky.

C. Rev. Jabez Pleiades Marshall was born 1802 in Columbia County, GA and died there on 29 March 1832. He is buried in Kiokee Baptist Church in Appling, Columbia County, GA. He married Martha Flournoy, daughter of John Francis Flourney and Mary Ashurst, who was born 1805 in Warren, Georgia and died October 1859 in Putnam County, GA. She remarried Irby M. Hudson 9 February 1836 in Putnam County, GA. It seems that she had two more children with Irby: Augusta Hudson and Marshall Walker Hudson. Irby Hudson was born May 1785 in Virginia and died April 1844 in Putnam County, GA.

Jabez P. Marshall is listed in the 1820 and 1830 census for Columbia County, GA. In the 1820 census, Jabez and Martha have one daughter born about 1819/1820. By the 1830 census they have two sons between 5 and 9 (born 1821-1825), and 3 daughters under the age of 5 (one being Lenora Marshall) and one female between 10 and 14 (listed in the 1820 census). We have knowledge of only one child at this time: Lenora A. Marshall

1. Lenora A. Marshall born about 1828 in Georgia who married Benson W. ADAMS, son of Rev. William E. Adams and Mary (or Martha) A. Rosser. Benson was born 27 April 1825 in Putnam County, GA. They were living in Atlanta, Fulton County, GA by the 1880 census. Benson and Lenora had four children: Lenora M. Adams born 1859 who married Arthur or Walter Dean, M.D. who was born about 1858 in GA; Florence A. Adams born 1860 in Putnam County who married Col. James A. Noyes; Eugene F. Adams born about 1862 in Putnam Co., GA and Angelyn T. Adams born about 1868 in Putnam County, GA who married Rev. A.A. Marshall on 27 June 1895.

II. John Nicodemus Waller was born 1767 in Spotsylvania County, VA and died Sept 1802 in SC. He married Rhoda YOUNG in 1787. They had a son, Albert “Squire” Waller.

A. Albert “Squire” Waller was born about 1800 in SC and died 1859 while visiting his plantation in Florida. He married Jane Elizabeth (known as Betsy) Creswell, daughter of Elihu Creswell and Sarah Hunter. Betsy was born about 1805 in SC and died 1894 in Greenwood, SC. She is buried in Magnolia Cemetery there. They had 10 children of which we have information on 8. Two died young.

1. Pelius Augustus Waller born 1825 in Abbeville County, SC and died 1864 in Baker County, FL. He married Mary S. Wideman, daughter of Leonard W. Wideman and Sarah C. Patterson on 29 May 1849. Mary was born 13 March 1829 in Abbeville Co., SC and died 6 May 1874 in Terrell County, GA. They had a son John Elihue Waller.

a. John Elihue Waller was born 21 Jan 1850 in Abbeville County, SC and died 8 Sept 1915 in Terrell County, GA. He first married Lotha Eleanor Reagan on 4 November 1874 in Terrell County, GA. She was born 1853 in Randolph Co., GA and died 1878 in Terrell County, GA. They had two children: Pelius Augustine Waller born 1875 in Terrell Co., GA and died 1898 in Hillsborough County, Florida. Their other child was Lucia Lizzie Waller born Feb 1879 in Terrell County, GA and died 1914 in Terrell County, Georgia. She married John Thomas ELDER on 4 Nov 1900. John was born 1877 in Texas and died 1948 in Randolph County, Georgia.

John Elihue Waller married a second time to Rebecca Elizabeth Morris on 20 November 1879 in Terrell County, GA. Rebecca was born 17 Jan 1856 in Stewart Co., Georgia and died 18 Jan 1947 in Terrell County, GA. They had four children: Mary Susan Waller born March 1880 and died 1946 in Georgia; Minnie Lee Waller born 28 May 1882 and died 6 Sept 1972; Mable Florence Waller born 7 April 1888 and died 26 Jan 1884 who married Fred J. Foster; and John Eliju Waller, Jr. born 21 July 1892 and died 15 March 1974 who married Susie Lou Martin who was born 18 Nov 1898 and died Aug 1988. All children were born in Terrell Co., GA.

2. Dr. Codrus D. Waller was born about 1832 in Abbeville County, SC. He was a physician in Greenwood, SC and never married. He seemingly died between 1855 and 1868.

3. Rhoda Elizabeth Waller was born 30 November 1834 in Abbeville County, SC and died 7 April 1919 in Richland County, SC. She first married General William E. Gilchrist (also sometimes spelled KILCREASE) on 12 Oct 1853 in Abbeville Co., SC. William was born 1817 in Edgefield County, SC and died 8 June 1860 in Gadsden County, Florida where he had a plantation. He was buried in Wetern Cemetry, Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida. Rhoda and Wm. Gilchrist had one son: Albert Waller Gilchrist.

Rhoda Waller married a second time to James Guignard Gibbes, son of Dr. Robert Wilson Gibbest, on 8 August 1870. James was born 6 Jan 1829 in Columbia SC and died there on 29 April 1903. Rhoda and James had six children:

a. Albert Waller Gilchrist was born 15 Jan 1858 in Greenwood, SC and died 15 May 1926 in New York City, NC. He was governor of Florida from 1909-1913. He is buried in Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, FL. Albert never married.

b. Elizabeth Gibbes was born 22 July 1871 in Gadsden County, FL and died 19 January 1940 in Georgia. She married Walter Scott Montgomery, son of John H. Montgomery and Susan A. Holcombe, in 1892. Walter was born 8 June 1866 in Spartanburg, SC and died 31 Jan 1929 in Richmond County, SC. They had five children: Frank G Montgomery (Dec 1893), Kate L. Montgomery)10 May 1895), Albert Waller Montgomery (1 Jan 1897-22 Oct 1922), Walter Scott Montgomery, Jr. (abt 1901) and Lucile Montgomery (10 July 1902-21 July 1996).

c. Robert Waller Gibbes, M.D. was born 20 Aug 1872 in Gadsden County, FL and died 11 Dec 1956 Richland County, SC. He married Ethel Dole Andrews, daughter of Rev. E.N. Andrews, on 29 Nov 1900 in Lombard, Illinois. Ethel was born 13 Jan 1875 in Crystal Lake, Illinois and died 9 May 1952 in Richland County, SC.

d. Daisy Gibbes was born 16 Oct 1874 in Gadsden County, FL and died 16 September 1875 in Gadsden County, Florida.

e. Sallie Gibbes was born 16 Oct 1874 (twins) in Gadsden County, FL and died 16 October 1875 in Gadsden County, Florida.

f. Hunter Alston Gibbes was born 26 Jan 1877 in Gadsden County, Florida and died 21 August 1956 in Richland County, SC.

g. Ethel Alice Gibbes was born 1 Jan 1878 in Gadsden County, FL and died 3 Dec 1965. Ethel married Dr. Archibald Cheatham who was born 16 August 1864 in Granville County, NC and died 10 Dec 1922 in Durham, North Carolina. They had two children: Robert Hunter Cheathem (1909-1970) and Bessie Gibbs Cheatham (1913-1988).

4.. Robert Aurelius Waller was born about 1837 in Abbeville Co., SC and died 1861-1865. Robert was killed during the Civil War.

5. Creswell Archimedes Calhoun Waller (aka Chris) was born 23 June 1840 in Abbeville County, SC and died 5 May 1920 in Greenwood County, SC. He married Mary Elizabeth (aka Molly) Vance , daughter of Allen Vance and Mary Chappell, about 1866. Mary was born July 1845 in SC and died after 1920. No children. Creswell is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Greenwood County, SC.

6. James Leonidas Waller was born about 1842 in Abbeville County, SC and died 1861-1865 in Virginia. . James was killed during the Civil War. Unmarried.

7. Cadmus Garlington Waller was born 21 May 1845 in Abbeville County, SC and died 29 September 1901 in Greenwood County, SC. He married Mary Emma Coleman, daughter of Thomas Lipscomb Coleman and Almena F. Hackett (See below) Emma was born 6 Dec 1847 in Abbeville Co., SC and died 7 June 1937 in Spartanburg, SC. They had three children:

a. Allie Waller was born 1863 in SC and died 28 May 1870 in Greenwood County, SC. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

b. Coleman Bailey Waller born March 1872 in Abbeville County, SC and died after 1940. He married Eunice Hill, daughter of Rufus Sadler Hill and Emma McMullin, about 1926. Eunice was born Feb 1880 in SC and died after 1940. No children.

c. Daisy Garlington Waller born 8 Aug 1875 in Abbeville County, SC and died 22 Aug 1944 in Marion County, SC. She married Walter Fore Stackhouse, son of Eli Thomas Stackhouse and Ann Fore, about 1910. Walter was born 1 Dec 1873 in SC and died 6 Jan 1956 in Marion County, SC. No children.

8. Edward Henry Waller was born about 1847 in Abbeville County, SC. Edward did not marry.

III. Benjamin Waller was born about 1768 in Spotsylvania County, VA and died 1804 in Abbeville District, SC. He married Joanna THOMPSON who was born about 1768 in SC and died 1828 in Abbeville, SC. They had six children:

A. Matilda Waller was born 1794 in Abbeville, SC and died there on 1835. She married married Martin Hackett, Jr. who was born 1785 in Virginia and died 1869 in Abbeville Co., SC. They had one daughter:

1. Almena F. Hackett was born April 1826 in Abbeville County, SC and died between 1900 and 1910 in Greenwood Co., SC. She married Thomas Lipscomb Coleman, son of James Coleman and Nancy Waller. Thomas was born 1820 in SC and died after the 1880 census in SC. They had 11 children of which 2 lived until 1900. The ones that we have information on are as follows: Thomas W. Coleman born about 1845, Mary Emma Coleman born about 1847 who married Cadmus Garlington Waller (see above), Ann E. Coleman born 1850 and died prior to 1860, Martin Hackett Coleman born April 1854 who married Mary Ella Brooks born Feb 1854 and had 5 children (Pearle Coleman /Dec 1881 who married Goldsby Porter Sloan; Almena Coleman/Feb 1884; Jessie/Aug 1886, Thomas Lipscomb Coleman/March 1889 and Maybelle Coleman/Aug 1891), W.M. Coleman (male), born about 1861 and J.H. Coleman (female) born about 1865 and died between 1870-1880).

B.Hulda Waller was born 1797 in Abbeville, SC. She married Hiram W. Gaines (1791-1829)and had two daughters: Joanna Gaines and Margaret Gaines.

C. John Harvey Waller was born about 1798 and died about 1830 in Abbeville, SC. He married Nancy Whitlock They had four children:

1. Guilford Waller was born about 1822 in SC and died between 1862-1870 most likely in Madison County, Florida.He married Martha Parthenia Ctham about 1849. Martha was born about 1831 in SC and died after 1880 in Florida. They had 7 children: John H. Waller born 1850 and died between 1850 and 1860, George Waller born about 1851 SC, Susannah A. Waller born about 1853 SC, William E. Waller born about 1855 SC, Mary E. Waller born about 1857 Madison Co., FL, Edna Josephine Waller born about 1859 FL and Dee G. Waller born about 1863 FL.

2. Elizabeth F. Waller born about 1825 in Abbeville Co., SC and married Hugh Waller Wardlaw 29 Dec 1853. Hugh was born about 1805 in SC and was the son of Joseph Wardlaw and Frances Jane Waller (see below).

3. Statira Waller born about 1827 in Abbeville County, SC

4. William W. Waller born 1829 in Abbeville County, SC and died July 1863.

C. Elizabeth Thompson Waller was born about 1799 in Abbeville, SC. She first married married James Sale (1796-1826) and had five children:

1. Matilda Sale born 1811 who married Thomas R. Williams

2. Benjamin Waller Sale born 1814 who maried Martha Elizabeth Wilson in 1837. Martha was born 1818.

3. Susannah Sale born 1816 who married Francis Arnold (1808-1894) in 1835.

4. Elizabeth Ann Sale born 1822

5. Sara Sale born 1825 who married Dr. G.W. Outwell.

Elizabeth then married Richmond STILL who was born about 1797 in SC and died Nov 1849 in Abbeville County, SC. They had 3 children:

6. Guilford Still born 1829 in Abbeville County, SC

7. Virginia Caroline Still born 1832 and died after 1870. She married Samuel Allen Wilson born about 1822 in SC and died during the Civil War in 1864. They had four children: Eliza V. Wilson (abt 1858 SC), Samuel Wilson (1860 SC), Sarah C. Wilson (abt 1862 SC) and Richard S. Wilson (abt 1864 SC).

E. Guilford Waller born about 1800 in Abbeville, SC.

F. Benjamin F. Waller (1804-13 May 1850).

IV. Mary Magdalene Waller was born 1774 in Spotsylvania Co., VA and died 1828. She married James WATSON, son of Edward and Margaret Watson. James died in 1823. They had a son, Leroy Watson (1800-1844) who married Eliza Ann Wardlaw, daughter of Joseph Wardlaw and Frances Jane Waller. Leroy then married Satira Waller (1808-1844), daughter of Leonard James Mourning Waller and Frances Robinson.

V. Thomas Baxter Waller was born 6 March 1776 in Spotsylvania Co., VA and died between 1812 and 1820 in Abbeville County, SC. He married Sarah WHITE, daughter of William and Susannah White, in 1803 in Abbeville District., SC. Sarah was born 22 July 1785 and died 29 Nov 1820 in Abbeville District, SC. They had 5 children:

A. Eliza Mary Waller born 20 Nov 1804 in Greenwood County SC and died 15 Dec 1864 in Collinsville, DeKalb County, AL. She married Grigsby E. APPLETON on 28 Sept 1820 in Abbeville District, SC. Grigsby was born 28 Feb 1795 in Newberry Co., SC and died 14 Nov 1857 in Collinsville, DeKalb County, AL. They had five sons: Thomas Newton Appleton (1824-1906), Rev. John Bulow Appleton (1827-1908), William L. Appleton (1830-1898), Joseph W. Appleton (1833-1862) and Robert Haynes Appleton (1836-1898).

To learn more about this family, go to

B. Amelia Waller was born 26 Feb 1807 in Abbeville District SC and died sometime after 1860. She married Stanley CREWS, son of Abraham Crews, on 23 Dec 1824 in Abbeville District, SC. Stanley was born 17 Dec 1801 in SC and died 1860-1870. This couple has not been found in the 1870 census. They had 10 children:

1. Thomas Clayton Crews was born 21 May 1826 in Abbeville District, SC and died 1879 in Richland County, SC. He married Martha Ann Bentley on 12 Sept 1854. She was born 29 Dec 1832 in SC. They had 3 children that we know: Ida C. Crews born 25 Aug 1857; William S. Crews born 6 April 1861 and Thomas H. Crews born 23 Sept 1866 and died 23 Sept 1867.

2. Marcus Aurelius Crews (known as Reel) was born 16 July 1828 in Abbeville District, SC and died 25 October1864 from wounds suffered at Cold Harbor, VA on 1 June 1864. He married Isabella Ann Ross, daughter of Stephen Ross and Elizabeth Huggins, on 18 Jan 1853. Isabella was born 29 Oct 1832 in SC and died after 1900 in Cleburne County, AL. She moved with her family there as a widow. They had six children: William S. Crews born 6 March 1854-27 June 1865, Mary E. Crews born 27 Sept 1855-26 Oct 1856, Fannie Anna Crews born 11 May 1857 – 9 Oct 1871, Stephen R. Crews born 31 July 1859, Charles Clayton Crews born 11 May 1861 and died 30 April 1920 in Calhoun County, AL and Marcus A. Crews born 9 July 1863 in Abbeville District, SC who married Lillian M. who was born Jan 1871 in AL and died 10 May 1909 in Calhoun Co., AL

3. Sarah Frances Crews was born 7 Spet 1830 in Abbeville District, SC and died 1885 in in Abbeville County, SC. She married Sobieski “Louis” Bond on 6 May 1852. He was born 14 Nov 1831 in North Carolina and died September 1905 in South Carolina. Sobieski was an inventor that held 3 patents. They had 9 children:

a. Mary Anna Bond born 4 Feb 1853 and died 15 April 1940 in Greenwood, SC. She married Charles Louis Beaudrot, son of Joseph Louis Myers Beaudrot and Mary Friend, on 23 Dec 1873. He was born 18 March 1846 in Charleston, SC and died 7 May 1916 in Greenwood, SC. She was buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Greenwood SC and Charles is buried in Greenwood City Cemetery. They had six children:

Rose A. Beaudrot (28 Oct 1874). She died young.

Mary Eliza Beaudrot (Oct 1876). She seemingly never married and lived with her widowed mother.

Joseph Louis. Beaudrot (19 March 1879 – Feb 1968) who married Russie L. Prather, daughter of Rufus L. and Mary A. Prather about 1911. Russie was born 12 Jan 1882 in SC and died June 1975 in Greenwood County, SC. They had 4 children: Ray Beaudrot (daughter)(abt 1912) , Russie Beaudrot (daughter) (4 Feb 1918-27 Nov 2002), Joseph Louis Beaudrot (1919) and Charles Rufus Beaudrot (1919 – 6 March 200)

Charles Leland Beaudrot (13 Aug 1882-2 June 1955) who married Corrie Lee Moseley in 1910. Corrie was born 25 May 1889 and died March 1973. They had two sons: Thomas Parks Beaudrot (10 Dec 1910-10 Dec 2003) and Charles Leland Beaudrot (15 June 1916-10 March 2003).

Thomas Clayton Beaudrot (2 May 1885) who married Mabel Pratt (31 Oct 1889-March 1969). They had 4 children: Mary Amelia Beaudrot (7 July 1910 – 13 Feb 2007), Anne Beaudrot (19 Feb 1912-21 Oct 2006), Mabel Augustus Beaudrot (15 Feb 1916-21 Jan 1974) and Charles Louis Beaudrot (28 Aug 1919-4 Nov 2005).

Clarence Bond Beaudrot (12 May 1887-26 Sept 1956) who married Sarah “Lula” Sheppard, daughter of Lafayette Sheppard and Sarah Tallulah Edward. Lula was born 1 Aug 1889 and died 6 Sept 1948. They had two children: Clarence Lafayette Beaudrot (28 Sept 1912-23 Jan 2000) and Sarah Tallulah Beaudrot (30 July 1914-30 Nov 2006).

Sarah H. Beaudrot (March 1890).

b. Sarah E. Bond born 1 July 1855 and died 29 Dec 1855 in Greenwood, SC.

c. Laura A. Bond born 29 Feb 1857 and died 30 May 1860 in Greenwood, SC

d. Susan M. Bond known as Sue was born 2 Feb 1860 in Greenwood SC and died after 1930. She never married and lived with her signle sister, Annie.

e. Stanley Crews Bond born 29 Nov 1863 and died 23 Aug 1955 in Chatham County, GA. He married Carrie A. Myers who was born March 1869 in SC and had 7 children: Stanley I. Bond (20 march 1887-Nov 1975), Lawrence A. Bond (May 1888), Azila C. Bond (March 1890), George L. Bond (april 1894), Pregnall K. Bond (Jan 1897), Bessie S. Bond (March 1900) and Margareta A. Bond (abt 1910). All born in SC. Stanley later married Annie Thompson.

f. Anne W. Bond (known as Annie) was born 27 Sept 1866 in Greenwood, SC and died there 12 Nov 1955. Anne never married. She was a proprietor of a general store.

g. Ada Eloise Bond (known as Ellie) was born 6 Sept 1871 in SC. She was unmarried and a nurse in the 1920 census in Greenwood SC living with her two sisters, Sue and Annie.

h. Pearson Maxfield Bond was born 8 July 1874 in SC and died 15 Dec 1925. He married Ellen Elizabeth (known as Nellie) Thompson, daughter of Thomas M. Thompson and Margaret F. O’Sullivan in 1898. Nellie was born 2 Dec 1874 in Augusta, GA and died 22 Feb 1958 in Laurens County, SC. They had a son, Louis James Bond born 22 May 1904 and died 2 Jan 1971 in Laurens County, SC. He was married to Mary Frances FRANK (17 June 1912 – 18 March 1964). They are buried in Rosemont Cemetery in Laurens Co. SC.

i. Louis Charles Bond was born 24 Sept 1877 in SC and died 15 July 1965 in Laurens County, SC. He married Rosa Belle Bail, daughter of William T. Bail and Mary Ann Myers. Rosa was born 25 Aug 1887 in Charleston, SC and died 13 Oct 1948 in Greenwood, SC. They had 6 children: Susie Bond (abt 1900), Mary Bond (abt 1903), Louise Bond (abt 1906), Annie Bond (abt 1909), Sobieski Louis Bond (17 Sept 1912-26 Aug 1970) and William Charles Bond (3 Sept 1914-28 Oct 1992). They are buried in Rosemont Cemetery.

4. Susan Eliza Crews born 6 Oct 1832 in Abbeville District, SC and died 4 Feb 1918 in Greenwood, SC. She never married.

5. Mary Amelia Crews born 16 July 1835 in Abbeville District, SC and died 2 Feb 1918 in Calhoun County, AL. She married George M. Harrison on 24 Nov 1855. He was born 20 May 1832 in SC and died 19 Aug 1918 in Calhoun County, AL. They had a daughter named Mary E. Harrison born about 1857 in SC and died 31 Aug 1949 in in Calhoun County, AL. She married Erwin E. Weathers who was born about 1855 in Alabama. They had four children: George Allan Weathers (12 Feb 1880), William Stanley Weathers (14 May 1886), H.E. Weathers (Feb 1888) and Lundy Monroe Weathers (10 Feb 1889-24 Feb 1918).

6. William S. Crews born 24 Oct 1837 and died 16 April 1844 in Abbeville County, SC.

7. Charles Warren Crews was born 7 June 1840 in Abbeville District, SC and died about 1890 in Greenwood County, SC. He served with the CSA Army, 2nd SC Infantry, Company F along with his brother, Marcus and his cousin, William L. Appleton. He married Martha E. Wilson on 8 May 1865. She was born 12 Oct 1845 in SC and died after 1900. They had 8 children: James E. Crews born 8 March 1866, Charles M. Crews born 6 April 1868 who married Margaret Arnold (Feb 1869 SC) , Augusta Crews born 8 March 1870, Frank Crews born 1 May 1872, Thomas Walter Crews born 1 Jan 1875, Maggie Crews (abt 1879) Waller Wilson Crews born 2 Oct 1881 who married Vesta Pace (abt 1886 in Georgia), Henry Clayton Crews born 8 Dec 1885 who married Lyda E. and John Durst Crews born 12 July 1889 in Greenwood, SC.

8. Charlotte “Augusta” Crews born 4 Feb 1843 in Abbeville District, SC. She married Dr. John L. McClintock on 9 April 1861. John was born 28 Oct 1830 and died 28 July 1864. They had two children: Charles Lawrence McClintock born 11 Feb 1862 and John L. McClintock born 8 March 1864 and died 11 June 1870. Augusta remarried to William Peter McKellar.

9. Elizabeth Waller Crews was born 17 Oct 1846 in Abbeville District, SC. She married John H. Jones on 15 April 1874. John was born 4 July 1836.

10. Saluda Carolina Crews (known as Ludie) was born 18 Sept 1850 in Abbeville District, SC. She married John T. McKellar about 1888 as his second wife. John T. McKellar was born July 1837 in SC. Ludie had no children.

C. John A. Waller was born 17 Sept 1808 in Abbeville District, SC and died 8 Jan 1854 in Greenwood, SC. He first married Lucy PENDLETON and then married Julia PATTERSON. By 1850 he is not married and living with the Stanley Crews family as a confectioner.

D. Susan Waller was born 27 July 1811 in Abbeville District, SC and died 12 July 1821 in SC.

E. William White Waller was born 2 June 1812 in Abbeville District, SC and died 2 July 1863 in SC. He married Mary O. PENDLETON (sister of Lucy Pendleton), on 23 July 1834 in Abbeville District, SC. Mary was born about 1820 in GA and died after 1870 in Pickens County, AL. They had 10 children:

1. George Waller was born about 1835 in AL and died after 1870. He married Margaret (maiden name unknown) and had 3 children: Ella Waller born about 1855 in AL, Allan Waller born about 1861 in AL and George Waller born April 1870 in Pickens County, AL.

2. Sarah E. Waller born about 1841 in Alabama

3. Mary A. Waller born about 1843 in Alabama.

4. James P. Waller born about 1845 in Alabama

5. Anne E. Waller born about 1847 in Alabama

6. Frances J. Waller born about 1849 in Alabama

7. John H. Waller born about 1850 in Abbeville County, SC.

8. William S. Waller born about 1853 in Abbeville County, SC who married Margaret P. (maiden name unknown) They had four children: Ernest Leonard Waller born 12 July 1876, Sallie Waller born about 1879 in MS, Edna Waller born April 1883 in MS and S. Waller born Aug 1888 in MS.

9. Alice Waller born about 1855 in Abbeville County, SC

10. Sarah T. Waller born about 1857 in Abbeville County, SC

VI. Dorothy Virginia Waller was born in Spotsylvania County, VA. She married Carr McGEHEE who was born 1764 and died 1829. They had 3 children: Belinda Ransom McGehee who married Joel Smith, Mary Ann Emma McGehee who married a Mr. Tinsley and Addison McGehee.

VII. Frances Jane Waller was born in Spotsylvania County, VA and died sometime prior to 1850 in abbeville County, SC. She married Joseph WARDLAW , son of Hugh wardlaw and Elizabeth Coalter. Joseph was born 20 February 1775-1776 in South Carolina and died 1852 in Greenwood, abbeville County, SC. They had 7 children:

A. Hugh Waller Wardlaw was born about 1805 in Abbeville District, sC and died 20 Jan 1868 in Abbeville County, SC. Hugh maried Elizabeth E. Waller on 29 Dec 1853 in Abbeville County, SC.

B. Eliza Ann Wardlaw married Leoy Watson, son of James Watson and Mary Magdalene Waller. Leroy was born 1800 and died 1844.

C. Harriet Wardlaw was born about 1808 in Abbeville District, SC and died in the 1870’s in Madison County, Florida. She married Thomas L. WHITLOCK who was born about 1805 in SC and died sometime after 1880 in Madison County, Florida. They had 11 children:

1. William Waller Whitlock born Nov 1828 in SC and died after 1910 in Madison Co., FL. He married Susan V. (Maiden name unknown) who was born about 1839 in GA and died after 1910. They had two children: Lizzie W. Whitlock (abt 1868 GA) and Thomas L. Whitlock (abt 1863 FL -died 1897-1900 Madison Co., FL) who married Ida (maiden name unkonw) born Nov 1871 FL and had four children: Sarah Whitlock (Oct 1891FL), William Waller Whitlock (3 Aug 1893FL-24 Oct 1980 FL), Esther T. Whitlock (Feb 1896FL) and Viola Whitlock (March 1898 FL).

2. Amanda Whitlock (abt 1833 SC)

3. Joseph Whitlock (abt 1834 SC) and died 1862-1870) who married Mary E. about 1859. Mary (maiden name unkonw) was born about 1840 in GA. They had two daughters: Sutia Whitlock (1860 FL) and Hattie Whitlock (abt 1863 FL).

4. Harriet Whitlock (abt 1838 SC)

5. Anna E. Whitlock (abt 1839 SC)

6. Charles Augustus Whitlock (abt 1842 SC) who served in the Civil War.

7. Edward C. Whitlock (abt 1843 SC)

8. James R. Whitlock (abt 1845 SC)

9. David L. Whitlock (abt 1847 SC)

10. Benjamin F. Whitlock (abt 1851 FL)

11. John Hunter Whitlock (abt 1853 FL).

D. Joseph Newton Wardlaw.

E. Benjamin Franklin Wardlaw born about 1826 in South Carolina and died between 1880-1900 in Madison County, Florida. He married Mary A. Livingston who was born about 1826 in SC and died during the 1870’s in Madison County, Florida. No children were born to this couple. Benjamin then married Susan M. (maiden name unknown) who was born April 1840 in Florida and died sometime after 1900. No children.

F. Amanda Frances Wardlaw.

G. Dorothy Wardlaw.

VIII. Phoebe Waller was born about 1775 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. She married Abednego TURNER, son of Meshack Turner and Rebecca Robertson, in 1801. Abednego was born about 1750 in VA and died 1802 in Abbeville County, SC. Phoebe then married Edward COLLIER in 1803. Edward was born about 1775 in VA and died 7 May 1848 in Abbeville County, SC.

IX. Elizabeth Waller was born in Spotsylvania County, VA. She married Washington CHILES, son of William Chiles and Agnes White. They had a son named Carr Chiles.    

Created by Jerry and Sue Appleton/

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Originally……One God


eternity in their hearts cover

Eternity In Their Hearts
Originally…..One God

There is startling evidence of the belief in the… “One True God”… in hundreds of cultures throughout the world.

According to the Book of Genesis, Man started with the belief in “One God” and that idolatry, the worship of many gods, was a later development.  The author presents startling “other” evidence from cultures around the World.

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Gift From God


God Bless You.

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Bible Study for Everyone

United Christian Bible Institute
UCBI Bible Course Image
If you need a Bible education for Christian work and the ministry, this Bible Study is GOD-ORDAINED…. just for you. We highly recommend the United Christian Bible Institute curriculum.
The United Christian Bible Institute is the Distance Learning department of the United Christian Church Ministerial Association (UCCMA). The knowledge of God’s Word is essential for all Christians…. Especially in this hour!
• Have you always wanted to attend Bible College, but just never could spare the time nor had the money?
• Have you read the Bible, only to be confused, never able to tie it all together?

United Christian Bible Institute was founded in the 1970s by Bro. H. Richard Hall. Under his tutelage men and women of God worked together to complete this in-depth Bible study program. Brother Hall gave the directive that it should be, “portable and available to all who desire a closer walk with God and a better understanding of His Word.”
The United Christian Bible Institute study track is divided into two courses:
• General Bible Knowledge 1 (the study of the Old Testament) and
• General Bible Knowledge 2 (the study of the New Testament)

The study guide is completely portable – you can take it with you and work on it in your spare time. You may say, “I don’t have any spare time!”
I challenge you to make a commitment to study God’s Word.
Call and enroll today!
• The General Bible Knowledge 1 (GBK 1) – Old Testament course consists of six separate units which cover Genesis through Malachi.
• The General Bible Knowledge 2 (GBK 2) – New Testament course consists of nine separate units which cover Matthew through Revelation.
• Proverbs/Song of Solomon DVD Course by Rev. Pat Hayes (lectures on DVD, Study Book and quiz) Call 423-472-7271 to order this course. ($129).
A formal cap gown graduation ceremony is held for graduates of the correspondence course at the Annual United Christian Church and Ministerial Association Ministers Convention – Campmeeting in July.
Tens of thousands of students have completed this course and are working in ministry today.
Do not delay. Get started on your path to a better understanding of God’s Word.
Visit the Smart Link:

PO BOX 700
Cleveland, TN 37364-0700

God Bless You.
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Judge Not…….

dietrich-bonhoeffer-on-blindness-2 to-evil

How can we judge another when we seldom recognize our own motivations and motives?

How can we judge another, when we have little insight and understanding into their true nature?

How can we run the risk of misjudging another?  For it was false judgment that sent Jesus to the Cross…..

God Bless You.

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Evangelism Today

As a Christian, are you looking for a way to evangelize and share your love of the Gospel of Jesus with others?

Take a look at what this creative young man is doing for the Lord.


Choose Wisely Page 1 1



Choose Wisely  Page 2 THE 2


Choose Wisely Page 2 DID  3


Choose Wisely Page 2 Picture  4



Choose Wisely Page 1 Cup  5


Choose Wisely Page 1 Last Page


God Bless You.

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Why The Law?



Why The Law?

If we are saved by Grace and not by our works, then, why the Law?

If Christ died for our sins… all of our sins, then why the Law?

Romans 3:20 “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.”

One of the purposes of the Law is to show Man how far he falls short of keeping the mandates of God. And, according to the scriptures, not keeping God’s Law is sin….and sin separates Man from God…. and the penalty for sin is death.

In truth, it is impossible to keep the whole Law. Man needs a Saviour to intervene on his behalf. We can not save ourselves and work our way into Heaven.

Christ is our Saviour and He died in our place, as a substitute sacrifice, to cover all our sins.

For those that accept Jesus’ sacrafice….grace (forgiveness) is freely given.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” —Ephesians 2:8–9

We invite you to open your mind and heart to Christ.

Prayer of Salvation.

Dear God, I’m a sinner. I’m sorry for my sins. I want to turn from my sins. I believe Jesus Christ is your Son. I believe He died for my sins and that You raised Him to life. I want to trust Him as my Savior and follow Him as Lord from this day forward. Jesus, I put my trust in You and I surrender my life to You. Please come into my life and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

If you prayed this prayer, the Bible says …

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. “ —Romans 10:13

Put Your Trust In Jesus.  God Bless You.

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Library of Congress Bibles Online


Smart Link:

The First English Language Bible Published in North America

The war with Britain cut off the supply of Bibles to the American colonies with the result that Congress instructed its Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 Bibles from “Scotland, Holland, or elsewhere.”

On January 21, 1781, Philadelphia printer Robert Aitken (1734–1802) petitioned Congress to officially sanction a publication of the Old and New Testament that he was preparing at his own expense. Congress passed a resolution endorsing Aitken’s Bible.

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly translated out of the Original Tongues…. Philadelphia: Robert Aitken, 1782.

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
Call number: BS185 1782 .P5

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FLYWHEEL…….The Movie


Kendrick Brothers Productions

Smart Link:

This is the first movie produced by Sherwood Pictures, the movie making ministry of a church in Georgia that produced Facing The Giants, Courageous and Fireproof.

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