The Teacher


Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. William Eugene “Gene” Scott Ph.D. (August 14, 1929 – February 21, 2005) was an American pastor and teacher who served for almost 50 years as an ordained minister and religious broadcaster in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Gene Scott was the founding Pastor of The Los Angeles University Cathedral, the largest Protestant church in Downtown Los Angeles when services were held in the historic United Artists building.

Dr. Scott’s teaching style is characterized by a professorial approach to investigating, unpacking and presenting God’s Word through studies in languages, grammar, history, theology, sciences, psychology and other academic fields. Consequently, his work is exhaustively researched, and during his lifetime he amassed the largest collection of rare bibles in private hands.

Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott are the first and only biblical scholars to provide 24/7 global access to pre-recorded and live messages, with students in 180 countries.

A staunch advocate for church freedom, Dr. Scott helped write and fought for passage of the Petris Bill, and has been a steering voice for church leaders nationwide who are indebted to him for his research, advocacy, and clarity on the subject of giving. Pastor Melissa Scott continues to broadcast the teaching of her late husband, as well as her own messages, taught to her congregation every Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

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